The R-Net service covers all land transportation service on the territory of Bulgaria, as well as ground transport of shipments from 1 up to 33 Euro-pallets from and to all Balkan countries.

24/7  buffer storage areas in  Bucharest, Ruse, Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna ensure the fastest and cost effective shipping options. 

We are running a daily groupage transport line from Bulgaria to  Romania and vice versa.

We are able to complete your shipping arrangement to and from Romania at any time whilst taking care of all the supporting documents and providing hourly updates about the location of your shipment.   

Our fleet consists of vehicles with ranging carrying capacity of 1 t, 16 ( m3 ) up to 22 t, 120 (m3) including buses, semi-trailer and full trailers trucks.

We provide transportation of dangerous, fragile, expensive, or waste items.